• 21 Jan 2020

    Bonyo's Kenya Mission

    KCU student doctors with heart and a passion to serve the world, find opportunities to learn and serve in Kenya.

    Gautam Desai, DO, FACOFP, KCU professor of Primary Care, leads groups of students to the Mama Pilista Memorial Health Center in Masra, Kenya on three trips each year.


  • The Mano de León Community in Antigua, Guatemala, was mobilized with more than 25 volunteers to bring light to their houses, roads and community spaces. Under the leadership of Mauritius, engineer at Liter of Light Mexico, and with the support of Pepsico, 10 outdoor lamps were installed, 12 house lamps and 3 Lamps with USB Ports. Thanks to all who made this possible!

  • Building Bridges through Leadership Training (BBLT), BYLC's 10-week long signature leadership training program, uses an experiential learning model that challenges students to critically think about leadership and apply their skills to effectuate positive change in society.

    Designed for first and second-year students, the curriculum for the program draws heavily on leadership courses taught at Harvard University.


  • 02 Jan 2020

    Prison Yoga Project

    PYP's National Program Manager, Nicole Hellthatler, highlights three of the programs offered for women in Alabama, New Hampshire, and San Diego.


  • Pic of the day - our team in the field drilling boring samples as we move forward building this new civic space!

  • 23 Dec 2019

    Groundwork Denver

    At Groundwork Denver, our impact shows up in big and small ways, for individuals and for whole communities. Our impact is seen tangibly through a greener environment and benefits to the people who live within it. Our impact is fueled by the passion and drive of our community to achieve environmental and social justice.

  • 12 Dec 2019

    Drop of Water

    Drop of water’s newest project stop- Harar!
    Thanks to our generous donor Stream of Hope,@dropofwaterethiopia #StreamofHope #CleanWater #community #joy #partnership #ethiopia

  • 04 Dec 2019


    Our December Newsletter

    This month we're highlighting the Climate Mobilization Action Plan (CMAP). We are committed to ensuring that this plan is made in tandem with community engagement and input. Engage, learn and take action.


  • The MPA Working Group visited the Tun Mustapha Park, a recognized globally significant marine conservation area in Sabah, Malaysia. The park is 898, 762 hectares in size, and located off the districts of Kudat, Kota Marudu and Pitas right up to the Balabac Strait.

    The visit was part of the 8th MPA Regional Exchange to share best practices in effectively managing marine protected areas.

  • We sit out weekly, all over the world and are having an impact. See our Malaysian team covered again in the news. And Meng is already spearheading getting all the global Sidewalk Talk leaders together in one room.

    We share updates to let others know about our work but the real works is happening one heart-centered conversation at a time in our own communities all over the world.

  • 17 Nov 2019

    Bonyo's Kenya Mission

    Another successful trip! Thank you to our hard working team from Kansas, Colorado, Ohio and Canada. So much was accomplished! We saw many patients in the clinic, Nearly 600 got fluoride varnish at the schools, Eye glasses were fitted, ongoing construction and plumbing work was assessed and many friends were made along the way. Bravo Team!!

  • We design and produce modern, innovative and eco-friendly fuels from urban waste material found around our city.

  • 08 Nov 2019

    Drop of Water

    We are grateful for young professionals like Fitsum Hailemeskel (right), who's leadership skills have been critical to the sustainability of our projects and volunteer culture. Here he is sharing our story with Below the Surface founder Jetuwr Davis (left).

    #ethiopia #nonprofit #waterislife #africa #africanleaders #volunteer

  • 06 Nov 2019


    At the foundation of ecosystems are relationships. At the foundation of relationships are communication networks.
    Check out our living directory of organizations, businesses, institutions, farms, and faith groups to tap into the thriving eco social justice network in Boulder County: www.boulder.earth/directory.